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Content of Character

Poetics of Redemption

by Peter W. Vakunta

In Content of Character: Poetics of Redemption, we argue that all that is necessary for evil to thrive in contemporary society is for decent people to do nothing. We contend that silence is not an option in contemporary society where sin and immorality seem to overshadow decency and the innate goodness of man. The crux of our contention in this book hinges on our conviction that the Church of Christ must live up to the expectations for which it exists. Christians the world over must overcome fear and step onto the bandwagon of foot soldiers of Jesus Christ, armed with spiritual weapons of faith, prayer, Biblical truth, self-sacrifice and agape love.

ISBN 9789956554614 | 108 pages | 203x127 mm | 2024 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback




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