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Composing a New Song

edited by Hope Chigudu

This is a collection of narratives based on the work of several NGOs in five African countries: Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The stories are written by activists and academics who have wide experiences of working within the sector.

One story documents the work of a health NGO in Nigeria. Another contribution considers the experiences of an indigenous Ugandan NGO, which is providing adult literacy training. The third account discusses the establishment and development of the Tanzania Women's Media Association: its genesis; the central role of the media, particularly community radio in its work to promote women's rights; and its achievements in the areas of awareness raising, lobbying and advocacy against gender based violence. The contribution from Zimbabwe documents the thirty-year presence of the Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress, operating in that country. The final account discusses the work of the Zambian NGO, Women for Change, an organisation which is is committed to the progress of women within the context of human development, through gender analysis, popular education and advocacy. In the concluding section, important lessons for empowerment in the areas of rural development, adult education, and the rights of women, are identified.

As a whole, the collection aims to encourage mutual learning and the sharing of experiences in the fields of professional and community development.

ISBN 9781779220158 | 204 pages | 229 x 152 mm | 2002 | Weaver Press, Zimbabwe | Paperback



"Composing a New Song: Stories of Empowerment from Africa is an important book for several reasons. Not only does it document the evolution of these five successful African organizations, it provides potential frameworks for other organizations looking to solidify their roles as organizations that truly wish to empower the communities in which they work. This collection of essays can thus be regarded as a tool for others in the field of African development, sharing many first hand experiences and lessons."

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