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Comparative Company Law

by Anthony O. Nwafor

Topics discussed in this book are deliberately comparative and show the different levels of the ground rules for the regulation of corporate operations in the different jurisdictions. The United Kingdom, Nigeria and South Africa are primarily chosen simply on the common law background upon which the statutory provisions in those countries are founded. There are also references to Canada, Australia and India on case by case basis to illustrate the differences in the application of the relevant legal principles and statutory interpretations. The insights gained should facilitate statutory amendments and effective adjustment in the operations of the regulatory agencies and business organizations.

The book is written as an invaluable study material for students at the tertiary level. Illuminating the concepts from divergent perspectives avails the reader a broad range of explanations for a better understanding of the subject. Legal practitioners and the judiciary should also find in this work a good source of legal information on company law, especially whenever the need arises to seek persuasive guidance from the opinions of courts and writers on similar developments in cognate jurisdictions to give meaning to those difficult and uncharted courses in the discharge of their daily responsibilities of interpreting and applying the law as judicial officers. The book should be a handy material for those running the affairs of a company in understanding the rules of their engagement.

ISBN 9789785739718 | 536 pages | 234 x 156 mm | 2020 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback




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