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Breaking the Illusions

A memoir

by Sicily K. Kariuki

Breaking the Illusions is the story of resolve and grit in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. In this tell-all book, the author paints an insider's view of government, exposing the odds that are inexorably ranged against those who challenge the status quo and are perceived to be all-powerful. Hers is the intriguing story of a mistaken tag that at once opens multiple warfronts with shadowy detractors and opens previously unimaginable doors. The author provides a window into statecraft in a way that leaves the reader, researchers, ministers and even serving and aspiring public servants the richer.

ISBN 9789966568090 | 194 pages | 230x145 mm | 2024 | East African Educational Publishers, Kenya | Hardback


eBook ISBN: 9789966568144



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