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Bounding For Light

A Children's Poetry Anthology

edited by Richard Mbuthia

Bounding For Light is a compilation of poems by Primary school children from Tanzania aged between 10 and 13. In the poems they explore various topics that are close to their hearts. The diction and imagery employed to drive the pieces are the children’s own. The simplicity of delivery and depth of content are the hallmarks of their being. The poems mirror the children’s own aspirations, dreams, fears, day dreams and takes on different issues that affect their lives and society. The pieces give wings to their inner voices – voices that at times are stifled. They give freedom to the inner spirit to soar and perch on the choicest branches and take in the sights. Allow the magic of the words here enthrall and entertain you.

ISBN 9780797493322 | 162 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2018 | Mwanaka Media and Publishing, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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