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Born to Rule

by Tah Asongwed

Born to Rule is the autobiography of an African-president monarch who does not want to pass away without leaving anything in writing to future generations. The book is more than just the autobiography of a president in that it has responded to all the key issues that most people have been asking about the development and underdevelopment of Africa. It is a seminal contribution to the world's collective knowledge of African and world history. At times it is compellingly incisive, satiric, and tongue-in-cheek and, in some places, trenchantly hard-hitting and humorous in its brutal portrayal of the way Mandzah and, by extension, the African continent, is managed and mismanaged.

ISBN 9789956558421 | 208 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2009 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



Born to Rule...makes an interesting contribution to the debate on development by raising and exposing, through the self-narration of an African president-monarch the questions, issues, imponderables, and contradictions of development, democracy and governance. It is must reading for anybody in the development business...”

ADB Today

“This book satirizes the absurdities of leadership in Africa and deals centrally with the ripples of … intellectual aridity and vacuosness of the people who occupy important positions in the African continent.”

The African Economy

“… a masterful exhibition of creative and imaginative thinking and role playing.”

Africana Bulletin



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