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Beyond the Delivery Room

by Khadija Tracey Carmelita Heeger

A debut collection of poems from popular performance poet, Khadija Heeger. The collection is the first in a trilogy of poems that Heeger has worked on over many years. This collection is a combination of story-telling, resistance, re-naming, remembering. The language of the book is personal to the poet and reflects the wider community and society she is part of. She mixes languages, English and Afrikaans, and the language of the Cape called Kaaps.

ISBN 9781920397364 | 64 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2013 | Modjaji Books, South Africa | Paperback



“Heeger’s is a poetry of sincerity and acumen, searching for nuanced understanding and meaning among the welter of public clichés and private rationalisations by which most of us live. In a country whose people are ‘vrek van pille roek met 'n apartheid spoek’, these declarative, propulsive poems urge us to renew a process of reflection, self-examination and action.”

Kelwyn Sole, Author

“Khadija Heeger is a mould-breaker, a contemporary South African griot of the ancient tradition of griots described as those poets and storytellers whose “wit can be devastating and knowledge of local history formidable”. In her poetry Heeger reconstructs, re-imagines vital histories. From the raw and personal to the local relevant and globally political she unflinchingly names what has been intentionally erased, overshadowed or forgotten. The urgent river of her poetry, calls to action, remembrance and the return to integrity. For those of us who have for years enjoyed the gift of hearing Khadija perform her poetry, to see her biting, lush and percussive way with words in print makes you want to speak them out loud, read them to others, recall the way her voice wields them in the passionate act of telling.”

Malika Ndlovu, Author



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