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Beyond Inequalities. Women in Swaziland

by Zakhe Hlanze, Lolo Mkhabela

Beyond Inequalities is a series of publications which profile the status of women in Southern Africa, and the initiatives being made to mainstreamgender in development processes in the region. The series presents the situation of women and men in the Southern African Development Community(SADC) as a region, and in each member country; and reviews the roles and responsibilities, access to and control over resources, decision-making powers, needs and constraints of women vis-a-vis men. The series is forward looking, based on an assessment that inequalities are now generally acknowledged as an impediment to development and economic growth in most countries and regions of the world. The twelve country profiles document and analyse information along themes drawn from theCritical Areas of Concern identified in the Beijing Platform for Actionand derived from what the countries of the region consider to bepriorities. Each profile is in three parts: Situation Analysis, Policiesand Programmes, and the Way Forward, and each has references, bibliography, appendices, and illustrative tables, figures and boxes.

ISBN 9780797417588 | 64 pages | 280 x 210 mm | 1998 | Southern African Research & Documentation Centre, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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