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Beyond Appearances

Reflections on Principles and Practice

by David Harold-Barry

Beyond Appearances: Reflections on Principles and Practice is a collection of 121 articles written between 2005 and 2008 for The Zimbabwean. As the title suggests, David Harold Barry, SJ invites us to rect upon our relationship with society. He asks repeatedly whether we should put ourselves or otherst, and what happens when we ignore the plight of those around us. We are also invited to rect on the nature of power, our interaction with it, and our attitude towards it: do we gullibly agree to do what we’re told without thinking, or do we rect on the consequences of apathy and inaction. This is a book to keep beside your bed, a book with which to begin the day as a citizen of the world and an individual for whom every action matters.

ISBN 9781779223401 | 260 pages | 210 x 140 mm | 2018 | Weaver Press, Zimbabwe | Paperback




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