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Bare and Breaking

by Karin Schimke

Bare and Breaking won the Ingrid Jonker Award in 2014 and was short listed for the SALA poetry prize in 2013

ISBN 9781920397975 | 86 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2012 | Modjaji Books, South Africa | Paperback



"Bare & breaking is one of the most gripping debuts I’ve read in recent years. Masterful in its technique and heart-rending in its emotional range, this memorable collection tells the story of sexual passion, its devastating aftermath and the slow road home."

Finuala Dowling, Author

"I celebrate Karin Schimke’s bold exposure of wanting, her naked desire. These poems know the exquisite agony of uninhibited loving, and the addictive pain of losing that love. Her ‘warts-n-all’ poems reveal a courageous vulnerability. Schimke’s poetry whispers, hollers, moans, bends and extends unexpectedly and beyond expectation."

Malika Ndlovu, Author

"Schimke’s breath comes straight from the diaphragm, but she catches it, just in time, in a finely formed voice that surprises me, every time. I like it when she does this. It reminds me that to break through, you have to go in bare."

Leon De Kock, Author



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