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Baals of the Niger

by Gabriel Orji

This substantial Nigerian novel - soap-opera of everyday intrigue and individuals, and mystery story - is set against the culture of the Uda ethnic group. Opoko, the God of the Uda people - and symbol of good fortune, is missing. Ikwu, the priest of Okpoko enlists the help of a family of the Elesis to find the stolen God. At first they suspect art syndicates, but the the question arises: Was it an act of Christian fanaticism? The author who has a background is philosophy and law, offers considered insights into the comparative value of traditional culture and modernity; indigenous religion versus imported Christianity; and the extremes of poverty, wealth amd crime in the cities.

ISBN 9789781563867 | 248 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 1994 | Fourth Dimension Publishing Company, Nigeria | Paperback




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