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by Bill Marshall

A Portuguese slave ship leaves the Elmina Castle with hundreds of African slaves bound for the Americas, but one slave girl is left behind. A traumatic story of Asana and her new environment extol the attributes of the tradition and culture of the people of Edina, both of the spiritual and the mundane. The impact of the slave trade on all concerned is told with anger, love and even humour. In spite of her ordeal, Asana, like the people of Edina, remains strong like the anthill. The Elmina Castle features in a documentary film made by Bill Marshall on Nana Yaa Asantewaa, the legendary queen mother of Ejisu in Ashanti, who was captured by the British colonial masters, who exiled her to Seychelles where she died. This play comes after a four year drought in any artistic work by the author.

ISBN 9789964701727 | 62 pages | 178 x 127mm | 2013 | Afram Publications, Ghana | Paperback




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