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Archaeology and Culture History in the Central Niger Delta

by Abi Alabo Derefaka

This book is a new contribution to existing archaeological research relevant to the cultural and anthropological history of Central Ijöland, situated in the Central Niger Delta. It draws primarily on oral traditions, local and internal histories in the reconstruction of the past. By tracing patterns of migration and dispersals within and from the region and examining material cultural items, the author attempts to reconstruct phases, settlements and ways of life. The work considers both the saltwater mangrove swamps sub-zone in the eastern region, and the freshwater swamp and forest sub-zone of the central Delta region. It sets out a reliable chronology of this sub-region. Finally, it highlights the cultural relationships and differences between the Ijö and other communities of the Eastern Delta.

ISBN 9789783612204 | 336 pages | 229 x 152 mm | B/W Illustrations and Maps | 2006 | Onyoma Research Publications, Nigeria | Paperback




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