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Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing

Law and Practice in Nigeria

by Ibrahim Abdul Abubakar

The international community has witnessed the use of increasingly sophisticated methods to move illicit funds through the financial systems across the globe, some of which are used to finance terrorism. The continued abuse of some off-shore financial centres and the proliferation of internet banking have further increased the need for more effective detection and checks on money laundering and terrorist-financing schemes. Left unchecked, some perpetrators expand their criminal pursuits, fostering such illegal activities as corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking, arms trafficking, smuggling and terrorism.

The book focuses on, among other related matters, the relative effectiveness of Nigerian laws in curbing money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as the extent of compliance with international legal standards for combating money laundering and terrorist financing, including creating a legislative and enforcement framework for the implementation of international instruments for combating both menaces. The general conclusion is, in spite of the efforts, much is still left to be done.

ISBN 9789789476022 | 344 pages | 234 x 156mm | 2015 | Malthouse Press, Nigeria | Paperback




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