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Angels Anointing

by Khulekani Magubane

Three teenagers wrote this book. There is the story of the excellent student who relaxed after eating a drugged biscuit. This led to an addiction which led the good student to being expelled from school, getting heavily intro drugs and landing up in a rehabilitation center where things were equally bad. The story does have a positive ending as the young man finds the strength to get out of drugs and to go "straight." The second story is about a girl who innocently gets into Satanism. She almost becomes a human sacrifice but escapes in time and is able to live a normal life. The third story is about a girl who was crippled in an accident. All the stories have a positive ending.

ISBN 9781869006464 | 96 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2005 | umSinsi Press, South Africa | Paperback




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