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An Illuminated Darkness

by Jacques Coetzee

(There are shards of light also, but

I will say nothing about them.

A cellphone camera is recording

what may be shared of this moment afterwards.)

Unwanted prayers on your behalf, kindnesses that you end up resenting - living with visual impairment is less about matters of sight than it is about problems of perception.

A life without mirrors is not a life without self-examination. On the contrary, Jacques Coetzee's debut is a manifesto of personhood, a portrait of a world brought into being by its textures, its movements, and - most importantly - its music. Easy-flowing and sensuous, this is a collection of the unexpected, the strange, and the suddenly beautiful. Unavoidably and undeniably, Coetzee's is a truly unique perspective.

ISBN 9781990968662 | 72 pages | 203 x 133mm | 2020 | uHlanga, South Africa | Paperback




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