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Agriculture in Uganda. Vol. 1

General Information

edited by Joseph K. Mukiibi

The first comprehensive account of agriculture in Uganda was made in 1940 and updated in 1970. Since that publication, agriculture in Uganda has undergone a number of developments, taking advantage of the economic and technical changes now available. In this context the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) and the CTA have written a new four volume series focussing on the strategic issues facing agriculture. It is written for farmers and agro-based industrialists as well as researchers, civil leaders and NGOs, universities and collaborating partners in agricultural research and development in Uganda, and more broadly, in sub-Saharan Africa. It aims to provide guidelines for increased and sustainable agricultural production and productivity. This, the first volume, provides background information to the physical environment, research techniques and methodology, and marketing and agricultural technology in anticipation of the next three volumes: Crops, Forestry, and Livestock and Fisheries.

ISBN 9789970022434 | 486 pages | 229 x 152 mm | Colour Illustrations | 2002 | Fountain Publishers, Uganda | Paperback




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