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Africa's Security Challenges in the 21st Century

Power, Principles and Praxis in Global Politics

by Tunde Adeniran

Against the backdrop of a globalized world, with the key players having to contend with the changing nature of power in international relations and Africa of the 21st century faced with new realities, this book was conceived to expand and push the scope of inquiry into a new direction in strategic thinking. It was designed to examine various issues that are related to the security of Africa as a sub-system within the international system. The book is an attempt to examine how some basic security issues define the position of Africa within the international system and determine the dynamics of African participation in the ordering of a global world order. Part of the intention is to show the forms that the factors of African security would take in the foreseeable future as these factors would determine the relationship between African states and the non-African world as well as influence the developments within Africa itself.

ISBN 9789785800807 | 494 pages | 229 x 152mm | 2020 | Safari Books, Nigeria | Paperback




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