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African Small Publishers' Catalogue 2018

edited by Colleen Higgs

This is the fourth edition of the African Small Publishers’ Catalogue. Once again we have many more publishers and some of the publishers we featured last time have either left the scene, or their circumstances have changed. The catalogue is a showcase of the variety and extent of independent and small publishing in Africa. It is still weighted with many more South African publishers, but each time we have brought out a new edition, there are more listings from a wider spread of African publishers. The catalogue aims to uncover and highlight the work and existence of small publishers in Africa. I hope that librarians, booksellers, books’ page editors, educators, readers, writers and bigger publishers will be enriched by having access to these publishers and that the publishers themselves will find new customers, access to funds and technologies that will enable them to thrive. It is thrilling to see all the writers and publishers who are toiling away, doing extraordinary creative cultural work.

ISBN 9781928215721 | 116 pages | 152 x 102mm | B/W Illustrations | 2018 | Hands-On Books, South Africa | Paperback




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