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African Classical Ensemble Music Book 2

Uso Music (Intermediate)

by Odyke Nzewi, Meki Nzewi

The study of African music must be grounded in indigenous African knowledge systems, thus making it truly representative of indigenous Africa's intellectual history. The African Classical Ensemble Music: Theory and Drum-based Concert Series is intended to empower literacy-driven ensemble creativity which, in turn, advances the philosophical, theoretical, medical and humanizing imperatives of African indigenous musical arts lore. The three books that comprise the series discuss aspects of the compositional theory and creative philosophy that characterize African indigenous musical arts, and can be introduced at any level of education. They are intended to facilitate purposeful work/shopping activities, and also provide for modern concert performances that are faithful advancements of African indigenous knowledge systems. The books contain written compositions that cater for theoretical studies and concert performances. The introductory information input is the same in the first part of the three books. This is because a common philosophy and common theoretical principles underpin the creative frameworks, compositional grammar and functional concept of the musical arts irrespective of the level of expertise. The main activity content of the book series provides for the progressive development of competence.

ISBN 9781920355012 | 120 pages | 350mm x 270mm | B/W Illustrations | 2009 | African Minds Publishers, South Africa | Paperback




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