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Africa in the New Millennium

edited by Eddy Maloka, Elizabeth le Roux

This collection of essays in organised into two parts. Part one considers the economic challenges in the context of globalisation; part two, information and education challenges.

The papers on economic challenges critique the co-existence of traditional models of state management of the economy and economic nationalism, with neo-liberal globalisation/internationalism. They pose the argument that global management of economies will necessarily disfavour pour countries, and that Africa requires a mixture of economic nationalism and entrepreneurial states in order to progress. The second part of the work expands this proposition setting out how African countries must harness communication technologies to share knowledge, achieve cultural and economic solidarity, and avoid periods of financial instability and economic crashes. A final paper considers whether a linguistic renaissance in Africa is a prerequisite for a wider cultural and economic renaissance, and proposes policies - such as some education in the mother tongue - that might be adopted to increase the prominence and status of African languages.

ISBN 9780798301459 | 152 pages | 216 x 140 mm | 2001 | Africa Institute of South Africa, South Africa | Paperback




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