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A Troubadour's Thread

by Sanya Osha

This volume powerfully conveys the pilgrimage of a singular spirit through adversity, equanimity, immanence and eventually, transcendence. It grapples with a range of emotions, topics and sensations. Christopher Okigbo achieved similar results but in an entirely different manner. Okigbo's vision is epical in its dimensions while Osha's work is infused with a sustained lyricism, mutedness or even more appropriately, quietude. Osha's poetry unveils a multi-layered journey from artistic infancy to complete aesthetic maturity. Most of this journey dwells upon the poet's inner states in which vast geographical vistas are revealed.

ISBN 9789956790999 | 28 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2013 | Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback



"A Troubadour's Thread could be placed within heroic exploits, hence the poem assumes an epic form found in Pope's The Rape of the Lock, the mythical exploration of Soyinka's Idanre and Other Poems and the cacophonous voices of Eliot's The Wasteland. In what can be described as flight of consciousness, Osha dialogues and manipulates words to achieve the apparent formlessness of the world he tries to create. He has added a new voice as a symbolic gesture to the emerging new writers from the globe and a hint of the possibility of a return to the old poetic style is inherent in this poem. Highly imagistic and mystical, the lines are heavily laden with complex and hard metaphors honed on philosophical exegesis while the poetic cadence is jaunty, requiring a fastidious effort to comprehend the heavy-hearted momentum of this poetry."

Ibadan Journal of Humanistic Studies



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