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A Dictionary of Nigerian English Usage

by Herbert Igboanusi

This dictionary illustrates the variety of English in Nigeria so allowing Nigerians and foreigners alike to recognise and learn the varieties of English peculiar to Nigerian usage and gain a more in- depth understanding of the state of Nigerian English (NE). The some 1600 entries have been selected on the basis of frequency of usage in written texts and speech and for their cultural and historical importance. Many words are borrowed from the many Nigerian languages; others are English words of phrases which have acquired new meanings in Nigeria. Some words and phrases which are not NE but pertain to Nigerian discourse have also been included - e.g. ECOMOG, austerity measure, alhaji; along with colloquialisms, slang and vulgarisms. The author prefaces the dictionary with a discursive introduction providing an overview of the features of standard NE; the history of English in Nigeria and trade and missionary relations; NE under the colonial administration; the linguistic situation in Nigeria; and notes on research techniques and methodology.

ISBN 9789783422551 | 320 pages | 203 x 127 mm | 2002 | Enicrownfit Publishers, Nigeria | Paperback




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