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A Concise History of South Sudan

New and Revised Edition

edited by Anders Breidlid

This new and revised edition of A Concise History of South Sudan was revised by Avelino Androga Said, Yosa Wawa, Anne Farren and Anders Breidlid. All chapters were revised and a new chapter on the period from the referendum in 2011 to the period after independence has been added. When the first edition was published in 2010 it was the first history book of its kind in the now South Sudan. This first edition was primarily intended for secondary schools in South Sudan, but the book proved to arouse great interest to many other South Sudanese both inside South Sudan as well as in the diaspora. This was not surprising since it was the first history book on South Sudan to cover, albeit not in detail, the whole history from the origin of mankind to the present.

The book may be of interest to students, academicians, politicians and civil society groups such as churches and youth and women's groups. The first, original edition of this book was produced as a result of extensive team work, and the majority of the contributors are South Sudanese citizens, either living in South Sudan or in the diaspora.

ISBN 9789970253371 | 394 pages | 210 x 148 mm | 2014 | Fountain Publishers, Uganda | Paperback


eBook ISBN: 9789970196791



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